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Types of funeral services

Finding the Right Tribute for Your Loved One

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Types of funeral services

J T Byrne Funeral Directors will consult with you to identify the type of funeral ceremony your loved one would have wanted, whether it’s a traditional service from their religion, a eulogy-based service or a humanist funeral. No matter the choice of service, we will ensure it is carried out with respect and dignity. Based in Thornton-Cleveleys and serving Lancashire, we  are with you every step of the way to ensure you make the right decisions for your loved one.

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Spiritual and religious services

Holding a funeral that adheres to the religious beliefs of the deceased is a wonderful way to say goodbye in a manner that honours their values. If your loved one was a regular churchgoer, we can arrange for a religious service to be carried out by their own minister, or seek an appropriate member of the clergy. J T Byrne Funeral Directors will do our very best to arrange a service which respects and honours the religious beliefs of the deceased.

Traditional eulogy-based services

A eulogy-based service does not necessarily have to be religious. If the deceased did not hold any religious beliefs, then a funeral service that focuses on a eulogy is a touching way to reflect on their life experiences and what they meant to their loved ones. It offers mourners a very personal outlet and can be an important step in the grief process. We are happy to advise you on how to structure this ceremony to make sure it is the best send off possible.

Touching humanist services

Humanist services are growing in popularity, and offer a touching tribute and a chance to say goodbye without involving religious sentiment or convention. A Humanist service focuses on the values and character of the deceased, and provides a great deal of flexibility in structure and content. It is a perfect way to honour those who did not hold religious beliefs. We will help you arrange a beautiful service that is a truly fitting reflection of your loved one’s life.

Choosing a burial or cremation

Burials are a traditional option, and many people choose to be buried in a cemetery or graveyard that holds other family members. We will help you make arrangements for burials throughout Thornton-Cleveleys and the surrounding areas of Lancashire, making sure that every aspect of the service is dignified and follows your loved one’s wishes.

Cremation is also a popular option, and there are a number of crematoriums around Thornton-Cleveleys, Fleetwood and other areas of Lancashire that are able to offer sensitive and compassionate services. J T Byrne Funeral Directors offers support and guidance on the best way to scatter or intern the ashes of your loved one, and do our best to honour all requests wherever possible.

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J T Byrne always go above and beyond looking after family funerals for us. Nothing is too much for them and their professionalism and attention to detail makes even the toughest days that little bit easier. Thank you so much for all you do and keep making Fleetwood proud with all that you do.

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