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Understanding Funeral costs

Simplified Funeral Payment and Assistance: Our Commitment to Supporting You

Funeral Plan

Understanding funeral costs

Paying for funeral costs doesn’t have to be confusing and time consuming. Our experienced and compassionate team at J T Byrne Funeral Directors aim to make the entire process easier for you. From gathering all your bills into one single payment to assisting you in receiving help with funeral costs. For over 20 years, we have performed funerals suitable for all denominations and budgets in Thornton-Cleveleys and Lancashire, giving your loved one the dignified service they deserve. At J T Byrne Funeral Directors we do not believe in funeral packages, we believe a funeral service should be tailored to your requirements so that you are not paying for something you do not want because it is part of a package. Funeral services can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be and we can provide various options to suit your requirements and to follow the wishes of the deceased.

Organising your disbursements

If the estate of the deceased does not have enough money to pay for the funeral, we may advise that you make enquiries into lump sums from pension schemes, insurance policies, bank or building society accounts or National Savings. If there is not enough money from these sources and you or your partner are receiving income support, housing benefit, family credit or council tax benefit, you may be entitled to help with funeral costs from government social funds.

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Simple Funerals

Simple funerals, in accordance with the code of practice set forth by the National Association of Funeral Directors, are available from J T Byrne Funeral Directors upon request. This basic service includes a basic coffin and the burial or cremation costs, but does not include elements such as a minister, doctors’ fees, use of our chapel of rest or funeral flowers. These elements can be added to our basic plan on request. Find which option is the best for you by downloading the PDF below.

Direct Cremations

During this sensitive time, we offer direct cremation services as a respectful and practical option for honouring your loved one’s memory. Direct cremation involves the dignified cremation of the deceased without a formal funeral service beforehand. This straightforward approach provides families with flexibility and simplicity while still ensuring a compassionate farewell.

Single easy payment

By taking care of the disbursements on your behalf, J T Byrne Funeral Directors allows you to focus on getting through the difficult period before and during the funeral. It also alleviates the need to keep on top of multiple payments; instead, you simply make one easy payment to us from the deceased’s estate. We ask that this be made within 30 days, unless you choose to pass it along to the family solicitor or accountant in which case we ask to be informed of this decision.

Receiving your quotation

We aim to provide you with a final cost including all disbursements, our own professional fees, and the price of any additional services within a few days of the funeral to allow you to settle quickly and focus on your own needs during the healing process. Please note that although we make every effort to ensure prices are correct, they may be subject to some small adjustments beyond our control which we will inform you of as soon as possible.

Help Financing The Funeral

Direct Clamiation

With J T Byrne Funeral Directors, you will not be navigating paperwork and documentation alone.

Direct Clamiation

With J T Byrne Funeral Directors, you will not be navigating paperwork and documentation alone.

Direct Clamiation

With J T Byrne Funeral Directors, you will not be navigating paperwork and documentation alone.

Help with funeral costs

Disbursement refers to charges gathered during the organisation of a funeral. These can include but are not limited to fees for doctors, ministers, church rentals, obituary publications, acknowledgement notices and the cremation or burial itself. We will spare you the stress of keeping track of these payments, as well as the initial financial burden, by paying these in advance on your behalf.

Help With Funeral Payment